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backgammon tips

Motif Backgammon

Basically motif analyze the backgammon board and calculate the probabilities in a way its given the best chances to win the game. it works with a sophisticated algorithm that runs over the entire board and seek the best NEXT MOVE.

There are 2 ways to Evaluate : One way is by calculating each turn as if its the only turn, the other way is by evaluate the current step the motif should do, by taking the next step in consideration.

Motif can play as good as a pro backgammon player, its sort of like a chess game. in order to develop a good motif , we need to create a list of typical positions, if possible, to cover as many possibilities as possible, this way, the motif will play exactly like a person would. by telling him in advance that if the position on the board is currently X , it should play like Y. this way. a chess game is in some way much more complicated , but in other hand its easier to analyze , cause in chess , unlike in backgammon, there are no cubes, that determine what you can, and can't do on your next step.

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