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Poker And Backgammon

There is a common thread between games like poker, backgammon and chess. While these games all seem different, it is notable that many players who are experts at one of these games are experts or at least strong players in one or both of the other two. Backgammon and poker have some very common threads that can appeal to fans of both games.

Skill Game With Luck Elements

Both poker and backgammon have an element of randomness that players cannot control. If your opponent rolls more doubles or is dealt more aces than you, he has you at a disadvantage.

However, with enough skill, you can overcome that disadvantage and win. Over the long run, as luck balances out, you will come out ahead more often than your less skilled opponents. This is true whether rolling dice or seeing flops.


Where there’s a random variable, there’s bound to be gambling, and poker and backgammon are both extremely popular as gambling games. In poker of course, the action drives by the betting, which takes place throughout each hand. In backgammon, it’s all about the doubling cube, the die that allows a player to force an opponent to double the predetermined stakes of the game or to forfeit.


Poker and backgammon both have strategies that players must learn in order to do well. Backgammon players must know the optimal play for each opening dice roll, as well as understanding the odds of certain moves being successful. Poker players must also be ultimately familiar with odds and with strategies, such as bluffing and trapping.


Both poker and backgammon are available online. In fact, some online services offer poker and backgammon on the same site, or under the same umbrella of sites. This allows backgammon fans to learn poker in a familiar environment and vice versa for poker players eager to take on backgammon.

Poker and backgammon are both fun, challenging and entertaining games. You can play purely for fun or for profit and have an enriching experience either way.

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Poker And Backgammon
There is a common thread between games like poker, backgammon and chess....
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