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backgammon tips

Backgammon Terms starting with 'C'

Captain - When chouette play begins each participant tosses one die and the player with the highest roll becomes the "box" while the player with the second highest roll is known as the "captain" and must roll the dice and make the moves for the team. In some chouettes, the players of the team can consult with the captain and suggest moves. However, the captain always has the final say.

Comeback Shot - A dice roll that allows a checker on the bar to hit a blot.

Cube Equity - In money play with a doubling cube, the value of a position to one of the players compared to the current stake being played for. Cube equity considers cube ownership as it relates to the potential for future doubles, but does not consider the current value of cube.

Cube - The doubling cube in the game or (to cube) the act of offering a double.

Crawford Rule - Invented by John R. Crawford - Used in match play, when one player reaches a score in the match where he needs just one more point for victory, his opponent may not double him during the next game. The rule was apparently invented to reduce the luck factor. If the trailing player wins the Crawford Game, the doubling cube does become available again in the next and following games.

Combination Shot - When both dice numbers are utilized collectively to form a roll greater than that of a single die.

Cock Shot - Coming down from the bar with a roll of 6-2 when only the 2 point is open and bouncing out to hit a blot on the 8 point.

Closed Point - A point containing two or more of the opponent's checkers.

Closed Board - When all the six points in your home board are covered or blocked.

Chouette - A variant of Backgammon played socially in clubs, tournaments, bars, etc. Chouette play is for three or more players. Each toss one die and the player who rolls the highest number becomes the "box". The player with the second highest roll represents the rest of the players or team for the first game and is called the "captain". The players take turns playing as the captain or the box depending on who wins.

Centered Cube - The state of the doubling cube before either player has offered a double.

Checkers - The round pieces or men used in the game of Backgammon. Also known as stones, counters or markers. Each player uses 15 of a different colour.

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