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backgammon tips

Backgammon Terms starting with 'H'

Hedge - A side bet between two players prior to competing in the final rounds of a tournament designed to protect the loser from going away empty handed. For example, two players competing for a $10,000 prize might agree beforehand that the winner will pay the loser $2,500. See this thread.

Hyper-Backgammon - A backgammon variant where each player has just three checkers. See: How to Play Hyper-Backgammon.

Horizon - The number of plies played in each trial of a truncated rollout. A rollout that is truncated after 10 plies has a 10-ply horizon.

Home Board - The quadrant containing your one-point through six-point. It is the last quadrant your checkers move to before they are borne off. It is also the quadrant your opponent must use to enter any of his checkers sitting on the bar. Your home board is also called your inner board or inner table.

Holding Game - A strategy used when you are behind in the race and your opponent has escaped his runners. You make an advanced anchor on the opponent's side of the board and hold on to it as long as you can with the idea of hindering the opponent from bearing in safely. See this thread. Compare: Back Game.

Hit Loose - To hit an opposing blot and while leaving your own blots in danger of a return hit.

Hit - To land on a point occupied by an opposing blot and put the blot on the bar.

Heavy Point - A pointwith more than three checkers on it.

Head-to-Head - One player against another player for money.

Hara Kiri Play - . A play which exposes blots for the purpose of recirculating the player's checkers; also known as a suicide play.

Half a Roll - One of the two numbers on a pair of thrown dice.

Hit and Cover - To hit an opposing blot and then continue on with the same checker to cover your own blot.

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