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backgammon tips

Backgammon Terms starting with 'S'

Stretched (Stripped) - A position with few or no spare men that can be used as builders and thus prone to leaving awkward number or direct shots

Slot and Split - Play a checker onto an open point in your home board while moving a back man.

Squeeze - To take advantage of the adversary's impulse to move any playable roll

Stake - The amount of the bet or wager by the participants of the game. The stake is multiplied when the cube has been offered and accepted.

Slot - Play a single checker to an empty point with the intention of covering it next turn.

Straggler - The last checker heading for the home board, one that often encounters opposing checkers on the way

Slow Board - A bear off position characterized by no spares on the high points and therefore requiring a lengthy or slower bear off.

Strip a Point - Leaving only two men on a point that previously had more

Sydney - The roll of 1 and 6 to escape a prime, often from the bar, and frequently hitting a blot along the way.

Stay Back - To linger in an opponent's home board

Save a Gammon - To bear off at least one checker on time to avoid losing a gammon or double game.

Stacking (Candlesticks or Railroad Tracks) - To pile or stack up many checkers on points that you already occupy. Sometimes called "building pyramids".

Single Shot - A blot open to hits from one of an opponent's checkers

Settlement Equity - The value of a position in a money game to one of the players and the fair value, as a factor of the initial stake, that should change hands in lieu of finishing the game. Settlement equity is equal to cube equity times the current value of the doubling cube.

Safety Play - A move that may not be the most offensive or constructive choice, but instead one that leaves the opponent with a minimum of good moves on his next roll.

Settlement Equity - In a money game, the value of a position to one of the competitors and the fair value, as a factor of the original stake, that should change hands instead of finishing the game. Settlement equity is equal to cube equity multiplied by the current value of the cube.

Setup - The arrangement of the checkers on the board at the start of a game of Backgammon.

Shift Points - To move from one point to another often carried out in order to make a better point and to steer clear of leaving blots.

Shot - A chance to hit a blot. A direct shot can be accomplished with the number on a single die while an indirect shot requires the combination of the numbers on both.

Shut Out (Close Out) - When you have totally blocked out your opponent's checker(s) on the bar by covering all the points in your home board. The opponent must wait until a point opens before he can roll the dice again

Single Game - game that is completed and is not a gammon or backgammon

Safe (Safety a Man) - To make a move that puts your checkers out of danger of being hit.

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