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backgammon tips

Backgammon Terms starting with 'T'

Tempo - A unit of time in positional development equivalent to half a roll

Triple Shot - A checker that is exposed to the possible hits from three of the opponent's men.

Turn the Cube, Turn the Crank or Twist - To offer a double.

Turn - The alternate actions of each player in the game. Players rotate or take turns rolling the dice, playing the moves, doubling with the cube and picking up the dice.

Triple Game (Backgammon) - A game in which you score triple (three times) the value of the points at stake, accomplished only if you bear off all your checkers and your opponent has yet to bear off a single checker and still has one or more checkers remaining in your home board or on the bar. (See also Gammon where one scores a double game.)

Trailer - A player who has fallen behind in the race to the home board or is behind or losing in the score of the match.

Too Good to Double - A position in which a player should not offer a double because his chances of scoring a gammon are very high. He should therefore play on for the extra points rather than allow his opponent to get off easy now, at the present stakes.

Timing - The general rate of progress of a player's and the opponent's checkers observed in terms of their likely position at a future decisive point in the game. Timing can be controlled either by leaving checkers open to be hit, and by calculating if you should hit your opponent's blots or not. Timing is often used when you want to avoid your board from crunching.

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